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From Campbell County to Kenton County to Boone County, and all the way down to Lexington – we are Northern Kentucky’s trusted estate planning attorneys.

From Campbell County to Kenton County to Boone County, and all the way down to Lexington – we work with Northern Kentucky’s most trusted attorneys, financial advisors, and tax professionals.

We are a national law group dedicated to taking the hassle out of finding a local and highly qualified attorney. We offer a nationwide network of trusted attorneys and professionals who have decades of experience in the field as well as the best technology, estate planning software, and training to handle any and all estate planning and elder law issues

Here is some basic information about estate planning and elder law that many of our clients have been concerned about over the years…

Why Choose an attorney that practices exclusively in estate planning and elder law?

How Much Does a Will or Trust Cost in Florence, Kentucky?

Every family dynamic is unique. So, inherently, every estate plan and long term care plan is unique. This means, of course, that the cost of estate planning will vary from client to client. However, we have taken the guess work out of billable hours, often, using a fixed price for a will and a fixed price for a trust package. In fact, we now offer certificates off the trust package for anyone who attends one of our estate planning seminars or webinars So, there is nothing worse than not knowing what the final bill will be from your attorney. Our prices are not the cheapest nor the most expensive – and each location has an attorney ready to talk to you to discuss the fixed price package. TO LEARN MORE, you can call us at (859) 594-8003.

We can provide at least a few examples of why you should choose our group to help you with all your legal needs such as:

One of the biggest challenges most families face when looking for an estate planning attorney is knowing who to trust!

That is why we make sure every attorney we work with has the following:
And because we have local attorneys in your area, you will not have to a chance to build a relationship with your trusted advisor for years to come!

What are common legal concerns when drafting Wills and Trusts in Florence Kentucky?

Even though Florence is one of the most family oriented arears in the nation, complex and unique problem can still occur in a family dynamic. We have seen hundreds of families in Florence Kentucky for estate planning and we can catorgise common concerns of our clients. It is important to address the concerns of each person, because it can have costly and tragic consequences. Here are some of the most common problems we find our families struggle with or worry about in Florence …

Here are some of the more common problems in estate planning:

Is there an Ideal Estate Plan for You?

The short answer is yes, there is a plan that can provide you the ideal protections and meet your every goal.

However, not every problem and solution can be found on our website, although we try to provide education information, ultimately, the best way to find out what solutions are best is with a consultation.

It is important to address each solution with us, because we can provide you the pros and cons of each estate planning option and you can better decide to go forward or not. Here are some of the most common solutions that traditional and modern estate planners focus on when preparing an estate plan in Northern Kentucky …

Here are some of the more common solutions in estate planning:

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